Mind Training Certification for Fitness Professionals 

Discover how to radically IMPROVE your clients’ results and satisfaction!

Next Fit Mind 360 Certification starts on Thursday 29th of August at 10am SG time 


Only opens once this year

Changing the body and improving health isn't just a physical process. 

 It’s a psychological process too.  

The best coaches don’t just teach physical skills. They also teach mental skills: the psychological capabilities necessary for focus, motivation, resilience and change.

What is the Fit Mind 360 Certification?  

Imagine if you had all the life coaching and psychology research… all the scientific concepts… all the experience… all the practical “how-to” stuff… all in one place.  

If you had a trusted source of education… a proven techniques… and real-life advice to help guide your professional development.  

If it came in a clear, understandable, and practical learning format that suited your schedule.  

And if, at the end of the process, you had a strategy to strengthen relationships with clients.. you had a system to deliver more sustainable results.. so you can grow your business while working less and getting better results.. seeing clients motivated and satisfied.  

That’s what the Fit Mind 360 Certification is here for.  

In addition to learning how psychology really works, you’ll understand how people think and act, and you’ll be able to turn that into a thriving coaching practice.  

This means you’ll get better results, attract more clients, keep them for longer, and make more money than you thought possible.  

Whether you’re: - just starting out in the field of health or fitness; - an established professional in the middle of your career; - working with people one-on-one or in a group setting; or - wanting to deepen your knowledge of practical psychology…  

… you can become Fit Mind 360 Certified.  


Invest today and you’ll secure your space on the Fit Mind 360 Certification; you’ll discover how to help your clients with:  


How to FINALLY break your clients' bad habits for good.  

Usually your clients want to lose weight, get toned, shape up, or build muscle but don’t know how to throw away that one habit that’s holding them back.  

After you’ve certified, you’ll be equipped with the tools to guide them away from their bad habits and towards their desired result. 


Your clients are human. And bad situations and setbacks happen to humans every day. Situations so bad that they need a quick fix of happiness that is usually found in the chocolate bar or glass of wine. Discover the key factors to keeping your clients on the right track throughout their programme despite these situations, to achieve real lasting results. 


Digging deep into the WHY factor of your clients' goals is essential to understand the values driving them to start (again) on their fitness journey.  

You will learn how to get down to your clients' level of thoughts, fears and struggles so you can truly understand and have the clear vision of how to steer them in the right direction and help them maintain the motivation.


It’s very common for your new client to start their programme with a burst of energy and motivation, as starting a health & fitness journey with you is something new and exciting to them. Weeks down the line however, it’s likely that motivation and enthusiasm will drop, along with their progress. You will uncover the secrets of how to keep motivation levels high throughout their programme. 


Not only have clients tried many diet or exercise plans before coming to see you (which makes them understandably frustrated, anxious, and discouraged), they’re also often trying to cope with a host of serious lifestyle stressors.  

When you help your clients build emotion regulation skills, you’re helping them become more powerful, confident, and better able to handle whatever life throws at them. 


Belief is one of the most underestimated tools we have to achieve any goal we desire, that’s a FACT.  

If you do not believe, you will not achieve. We will reveal how to instil self-belief so the motivation and confidence level will drive the sustainable long lasting results.  


Do you want to help your clients to 

  • achieve breakthroughs 
  • overcome bad habits
  • instil positive attitude into their fitness, work and life? 

Do you want to 

  •  get better results
  •  attract more clients
  •  keep them for longer?  

If you said HECK YES! to any of this, then Fit Mind 360 Certification is right for you!

We work with experienced and newly qualified:








  • just starting out in the field of health or fitness
  • an established professional in the middle of your career
  • working with people one-on-one or in a group setting
  • or wanting to deepen your knowledge of practical psychology…  

…you can become Fit Mind 360 Certified 



What You'll Get:

6 workshop sessions to help you increase, improve and maintain your clients’ results: aerhgarthgrae


Holistic approach with Body Language & Communication 


Change Challenges - working with difficult clients 


Confidence and Limiting Self-Beliefs


Maintaining Motivation


Emotion Regulation & Setbacks


Personal Branding – communicating your uniqueness, finding your niche

Fit Mind 360 Workbook full of content to help you integrate what you’ve learned into your clients’ fitness programmes  


Online Community of like-minded people and top experts for ongoing support after you’ve completed the Certification aerhgarthgrae



3 hours per week through 6 weeks  


Please choose the group you'd like to join during the signing up:


Session 1 Thursday 29 Aug at 2-5pm Session 2 Thursday 5 Sept at 2-5pm Session 3 Thursday 12 Sept at 2-5pm Session 4 Thursday 19 Sept at 2-5pm Session 5 Thursday 26 Sept at 2-5pm Session 6 Thursday 3 Oct at 2-5pm  


Session 1 Saturday 7 Sept at 2-5pm Session 2 Sunday 8 Sept at 8-11am Session 3 Saturday 21 Sept at 2-5pm Session 4 Sunday 22 Sept at 8-11am Session 5 Saturday 5 Oct at 2-5pm Session 6 Sunday 6 Oct at 8-11am  


Core Collective, Singapore

Course Length: 

6 weeks, 3 hours per week, 18 hours in total


Effective practical psychology – the missing piece in the health and fitness industry 

The Fit Mind 360 Certification was created to help the fitness industry and professionals fully understand how the human brain works. There are many further educational courses on fitness, nutrition and movement but none cover the most important factor – mindset, and how the coach people.

Our goal is simple, to help you master the art of mind training so you can get life-changing results for yourself and the people who come to work with you.  

This is why we give you Mental Skills training. 

Mental skills cover a wide range of psychological abilities, probably too many to cover all here. But here are a few examples to help point you in the right direction.  

Mental Skill: STAYING FOCUSED Purposely placing attention where it needs to be, even in the face of distraction. For example: Sticking to a healthy eating plan despite a busy work schedule. Or staying on track with a home workout while kids are crawling the walls.  

Mental Skill: RE-FOCUSING Bringing your attention back, as soon as possible, when things get off track. For example: Immediately getting back to normal healthy eating routine after a holiday weekend of partying or business trip.  

Mental Skill: GOAL FOLLOW-THROUGH Setting a goal, working toward it, and staying on track with it. For example: Deciding that sleep is more important than evening TV and sticking to that priority almost every night.  

Mental Skill: IDENTIFYNG CORE VALUES Understanding your most important values in life, making them a priority and taking steps to live them. For example: Realizing that your #1 motivation is to set a good example for your children and following through on that.  

Mental Skill: DEVELOPING AWAREESS Understanding how your immediate thoughts and feelings are intimately connected to your behaviours. For example: Discovering that different emotions reliably lead to specific eating choices. Or specific external circumstances reliably cause you to attend or skip the gym.  

Mental Skill: RELEASING WONDERING AND WORRYING Confronting anxieties, fears, or worries head on instead of shrinking from them. For example: Noticing and naming that you’re ‘worried whether this will work’ or ‘that you might fail’ and that it’s okay to feel these things - everyone does - and that these feelings can be used to energy drive, not to pull back.  

Mental Skill: LIMITING FACTORS Identifying limiting factors (the things in your way right now) and changing them. For example: Maybe you hate your job, have unsupportive friends, or live in a place unsuitable to your goals. Identifying that and working to change is.  

Mental Skill: GETTING 'UNSTUCK' Knowing when unhelpful beliefs or patterns are in your way. For example: ‘I guess I just don’t have any willpower’. And being able to create new beliefs or patterns. For example: ‘I am in charge of my choices’.  

Mental Skill: IMPULSE AND EMOTION CONTROL Seeing when impulses and emotions tend to get the better of your, paying attention to that, and working to improve it. For example: Improving your automatic responses to being angry, sad or bored.  

Mental Skill: RESILIENCE Trusting that you’ll survive, no matter what, and allowing setbacks to guide your progression. For example: ‘That bad thing happened and it’s okay, I’m going to learn something from it and be better because of it’.  

Whew, a lot of mental skills there! And we’re just scratching the surface. These and some other additional skills will be essential for your clients to achieve long-term health and fitness.  

But don’t get overwhelmed, these can be built.  

That’s where you come in.  

Just like you help your clients train their muscles and energy systems, you can help them build their mental skills. 


Life-changing results with Fit Mind 360 Certification 


It’s no wonder 95% of the people who lose weight seem to gain it back. Changing eating and exercising habits is one of the hardest problems to solve.  

Imagine, you are your client for a second now. You know that the physiology is easy. Eat the right amount, move appropriately, do those two things and you lose weight, improve your blood markers, and experience better health.  

However, when someone attempts to eat less or move more, they’re working against gravity. They’re trying to overcome the inertia of current behaviours. And these behaviours exist for a reason: they fit perfectly into the person’s life as it is now.  

That’s why, when you’re going through change you also have to:  

  • Manage discomfort and anxiety we all feel when trying new things
  • Focus on purposely doing certain things (many of which are new) and not doing other things (many of which you actually want to do more)
  • Listen to your experience by letting go of what’s not working, and considering other new and different options
  • Negotiate for what you need with the people around you including family, friends, and colleagues
  • Stay resilient, flexible, and optimistic in the face of inevitable setbacks which are bound to zap your energy, and even
  • Change some of your beliefs about who you are, what you need, and ‘how things should work’  

Sure it’s all doable. But it’s a far cry from the ‘just eat less, move more and don’t give up’ advice we hear in the fitness industry nowadays.  

It can be downright tough. And this doesn’t just apply to fitness. Think about something you’ve struggled to change in your own life; family relationships, work environment, etc. Not always easy, is it?  

And that’s why the mental game is so important.  

When you help your clients build mental skills, you’re helping them become more powerful, confident, and better able to handle whatever life throws at them.  

You also help them get better at stress and emotions management. 

Did you know that...

When people feel stressed out or have other things on their minds they..

DON’T WANT TO CHANGE – because it’s easier to hunker down into what you know, and cope in a way you can even if you know it’s destructive 

MIGHT NOT TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.. EVEN A LITTLE – that’s why ‘self-care’ or ‘me-time’ concepts for busy parents might seem as realistic as ‘winning a billion dollar’ 

FEEL RUSHED, DISTRACTED AND PRESSURED – typical thinking: who has time to eat well or go to the gym? I don’t have time to go to the bathroom some days! 

ARE ON AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER – the thoughts and feelings can either get rigid and repetitive, go numb and blank, or swing all over the place from crying jags to stony silence to red-hot rage. Without practicing mental skills, you stay ‘stuck’. 

Remember that your clients not only have tried many diet or exercise plans before coming to see you (which makes them understandably frustrated, anxious, and discouraged), they’re also often trying to cope with a host of serious lifestyle stressors.  

That’s why Fitness Professionals who can teach mental skills get results, BIG-TIME 

  That is real empowerment.  

That is deep, meaningful, life-long change.



Ex-Athlete, qualified Psychologist and passionate Life Coach addicted to colourful smoothies and dark chocolate. 

She transforms the way we think, work, exercise and live making the change happen. 

Mental wellness advocate, she takes psychology out of therapy room and proves how practical it is in managing life’s challenges. 

Beata listens well and people value her intuitive approach and progressive attitude. Always full of energy to educate, inspire and guide..


Co-active life coach passionate about co-createing with her clients the life they truly want and desire. 

She works with people going through some transitions and changes to help them set up a new life - clients appreciate her energy, passion, intuition and extraordinary way of thinking. 

Expect to explore new possibilities and perspectives, while working with her, and turn uncertainty and hesitation into clear confident strokes of vibrant colours.

Fit Mind 360 Certification is everything we’ve learnt – brought together, and shared with you.  

Unlike most other certifications and trainings, this isn’t a program full of abstract theory that doesn’t work in real world. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by having to figure out how to apply it in your work with clients.  

Instead, it’s deep knowledge that’s client-tested, scientifically researched and proven, and constantly updated.  

Fit Mind 360 experts have worked with:



40.000 – 100.000 SGD

3 years of undergrad, plus 3 years of part-time grad school.

Additional costs for textbooks, housing, student feeds, etc.  

Learning in an academic format that might not work for you 

Might not be able to apply most of the material to your fitness pactice


2.700 SGD

6-weeks, 3 hours per week Study at your own pace

All course materials included Get all your certification material during the weekly sessions

Practical learning, working on examples from your own practice

All material can be immediately applied to you fitness business


Lots of companies guarantee their products. We guarantee our services, too.  

Fitness Professionals make a commitment to learn from us – and we make a commitment to help them become better coaches. These proven mind training methods have been tested over the last 11 years. They work and they will take you to strengthen relationships with clients and maintaining their motivation and success ratio.  

That’s our promise. Join the Fit Mind 360 Certification Week 1 session, and if you're not satisfied with what you learn, we’ll give you money back minus the cost of the session you attended. We’re confident in what we do and we stand by our work.  

We want you to grow personally so you can grow your fitness business.  

Fit Mind 360 is waiting for you…  

Our goal is simple, to help you master the art of mind training so you can get life-changing results for yourself and the people who come to work with you. 


The next Fit Mind 360 Certification starts on the 29th of August 2019  

A deeper understanding of psychology and life coaching, the mental skills training and the ability to turn what you know into results. Join the Certification program today.


Got More Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Who is the Fit Mind 360 for?

It’s for any health and fitness professional (or anyone who’s thinking of joining the field) who wants to feel confident in their ability to successfully coach and get better results for the people they work with.  

We’ve worked with fitness professionals from every corner of this industry — from personal training and yoga to functional medicine, holistic wellness coaching, and beyond. Whether you’re already mid-career or just starting out, this certification will give you the knowledge, systems, and tools to make a real, lasting change with anyone you work with. 

How long does it take to get certified?

The course itself is 6 weeks long. The sessions are 3 hours once a week for 6 weeks in a row. Then we offer additional support via a private Facebook group for fitness professionals only and optional training webinars after.  


What does the Certification entail?

You’ll learn how to best coach your clients to success every time, by fully understanding how the human brain works and how to best motivate them.  

What does the Fit Mind 360 Certification cover, specifically?

A deeper understanding of psychology and life coaching, you will experience the mental skills training and have the ability to turn what you know into results.  

We will cover the science of mind training combining life coaching and psychology making sure it’s all practical and applicable for you. It will teach you how to effectively coach others, including advanced psychology, life coaching, behaviour change, and motivational interviewing.  

You will learn the mental skills such as, staying focused and re-focusing, goal follow-through process and identifying core values, developing awareness, releasing wonders and worries, working with limiting factors and getting ‘unstuck’, impulse and emotion control, psychological resilience.  

Whew, a lot of mental skills there! And we’re just scratching the surface. These and some other additional skills you will learn and practice, just because we know that your clients will need those skills to achieve long-term health and fitness while working with you. But don’t get overwhelmed, these can be built and that’s where you come in.  

Just like you help your clients train their muscles and energy systems, you can help them build their mental skills. 

Is this Certification for me?

If you run a personal training business or fitness consultancy, are committed to getting only the most sustainable results for clients but struggling to stand out in the crowd, then YES.  

If you got into the industry to make some quick cash and prefer to just train your clients on the treadmills and throw some diets, not actually coach them, then NO. You don’t have the attitude you need to make this program work for you. 

I have a busy life. Can I skip week or two and still get certified?

The Fit Mind 360 Certification is designed to be completed within 6 weeks. Only after attending ALL six sessions and completing required exercises you will be certified.  


What are the exams like?

There is no real exam. We never intended to add to your stress levels, instead want to ensure you know how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained in real life situations.  

This is why we ask you to conduct a case-study and submit within two weeks from course completion date. Following we will return your results and present you with the certificate. 

What grade do I need to pass?

In a usual essay style answer we will look for a minimum of six tools applied and tested with your client. Key is the correct application of the tools and qualification of the results, thus illustrating your understanding of the methodologies and concepts.  


Why is the price so high?

This certification is needed in the fitness industry. Our goal is simple, to help you master the art of mind training and be good at it so you can get life-changing results for yourself and the people who come to work with you.  

You are paying for a deeper understanding of psychology and life coaching, the mental skills training and the ability to turn what you know into results.  

What if I'm not satisfied with what I’ve learnt?

Then we’ll refund the money, no questions asked.  

Join the Fit Mind 360 Certification Week 1 session, and if you’re not satisfied with what you learn, we’ll give you money back minus the cost of the session you attended. Just drop us an email quoting ‘REFUND’ as the subject line and we’ll return the 2.250 SGD back into your account.  

The last thing we want is to make a dent in your revenue that you won't get back - though we are 100% sure that won't be the case.  

That's how confident we are, that what we’re going to teach you will be an absolute game changer for your business (not to mention your clients, and yourself). 

What qualification will I get?

On successful completion of the program you’ll become a Fit Mind 360 Certified Coach. This is an accreditation we encourage you to use across all your marketing as a stamp of quality.  


How many people will be taking part in the course?

There will be a maximum of 12 participants on the certification program so we can guarantee the quality of learning we’ll be able to give to each of you.


Is the deposit refundable?

Of course! The deposit is 100% REFUNDABLE within 72h until August 10th. The deposit is paid during booking, while the rest of the full amount will be paid via bank transfer within 2 weeks & before the event start date.

Final Note

The health and fitness field is changing quickly. Obesity and diet-related illness are at an all-time high and millions of people need help with their nutrition more than ever.  

Whatever specific field you work in, it’s important to understand that the most successful professionals will be those who have deep understanding of psychology behind the process of change and the ability to effectively help others.  

That’s what we do every day. And we’re ready to teach you the same science-based coaching method we’ve used with major health organizations, fitness professionals, Olympic athletes, sports teams, and our individual clients worldwide.  

Of course, if now isn’t your time, we understand. We hope this helped you understand who we are and what we do. We’ll be here if and when you need us.  

But if you know that the time for you is now, we have a strong recommendation for you:

Go for it. Give yourself the opportunity to truly help others. Make the commitment to get the education you need.