Mind Training Certification for Fitness Professionals 

Discover how to radically improve your clients’ results and satisfaction!

Next Fit Mind 360 Certification starts on 13th of March 2020. 


Changing the body and improving health isn't simply a physical process. 

 It’s a psychological process, too.  

The best coaches equip their athletes with the mental skills necessary for focus, motivation, resilience, and ultimately success.

These are skills that can be taught and used to improve your clients mindset and satisfaction.

What is the Fit Mind 360 Certification?  

Fit mind 360 is about training the mind to train the body

Practical psychology teaches that academic and scientific research can be applied in real world situations to retrain the mind towards positive and proactive behaviour.

Our certification is based on a variety of techniques which incorporate practical psychology and our shared experience in life coaching and sports psychology.

Through visualisation, scientific theory, meditation, case studies, role play and coaching we have created a clear and practical learning format full of proven techniques and real-world skills to help guide your professional development.

These multifaceted strategies will help you to strengthen relationships with your clients, improve motivation, deliver more sustainable results, and grow your business through the positive affirmations of successful clients.  

This means you’ll get better results, attract more clients, keep them for longer, and make more money than you thought possible.  

Whether you’re: - just starting out in the field of health or fitness; - an established professional in the middle of your career; - working with people one-on-one or in a group setting; or - wanting to deepen your knowledge of practical psychology…  

… you can become Fit Mind 360 Certified.  


We work with experienced and newly qualified:








  • just starting out in the field of health and fitness
  • an established professional in the middle of your career
  • working with people one-on-one or in a group setting
  • or wanting to deepen your knowledge of practical psychology  

…you can and should become Fit Mind 360 Certified 



Secure your place on the Fit Mind 360 Certification and you will discover how to help your clients through workshop sessions, a personal branding session and a supportive online community


Holistic approach towards working with body language and effective communication

How to break your client’s unhealthy habits.

Although your clients want strong, toned, healthy bodies they don’t know how to overcome the negative habits which led them to the gym. 

This week we will use an holistic approach to working with body language and towards effective communication. We will teach trainers to identify the triggers which are contributing to their client’s negative habits, habits which sabotage the process of change.

Change Challenges - working with difficult clients 

Your clients are human which means they experience challenges. These challenges can negatively impact their outlook and your training partnership.

These challenges don’t only impact your time in the gym, they also have clients eating unhealthy food as they search for a boost of sugar/happiness/good feeling.

Whilst we can’t help your clients avoid challenges, we can help them retrain their approach to tackling those challenges. These tools will help your client stay focused on their fitness goals and help you to stay focused on a challenging client.  


Confidence and Limiting Self-Beliefs

Self-belief is a vital facet of confidence. Without confidence in themselves and their abilities, your clients will not achieve their fitness goals. 

Self-belief is not formed through external motivations, it is reliant on setting and achieving personal goals. Positive actions stem from positive beliefs, you will train your clients to recognise their accomplishments and channel that into confidence.

We will reveal how to instil self-belief through the importance of goal setting, visualisations and role models. With self-belief and confidence, your clients will achieve sustainable and long-lasting results that will be applicable to other aspects of their lives.  

Maintaining Motivation

It’s very common for your new client to start their programme with a burst of energy and motivation. The new is always exciting and that holds an extrinsic form of motivation.

Once the shine of the new has worn off, your clients will struggle with intrinsic motivation. The type of internal motivation that gets you to the gym before work and has you sticking to your nutrition plan after a particularly trying week. 

You will uncover the secrets of how to keep motivation levels high throughout their programme.


Emotion Regulation & Setbacks

Not only have clients tried many diet or exercise plans before coming to see you (which makes them understandably frustrated, anxious, and discouraged), they’re also often trying to cope with a host of serious lifestyle stressors.

When you help your clients build emotion regulation skills, you’re helping them become more powerful, confident, and better able to handle whatever life throws at them.

Personal Branding – communicating your uniqueness, finding your niche

Explore how personal your personal training can be. 

In coaching and personal development, archetypes help us to reflect on our role in life and our personal and social identity. This information means we can personally design a coherent development plan. Archetypes are an important element of building a personal brand for entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

This session will be followed by 1-on-1 coaching and will add exponential value to your personal brand 

  • Fit Mind 360 Workbook full of content which will help you to integrate what you’ve learned into your clients’ fitness program

  • Online Community of like-minded people and top experts for ongoing support once you’ve completed the certification 




6 hours per session  


March 2020 Edition Session 1 Friday 13th at 2-8pm Session 2 Saturday 14th at 2-8pma Session 3 Saturday 28th at 2-8pm  

May 2020 Edition Session 1 Friday 8th at 2-8pm Session 2 Saturday 9th at 2-8pm Session 3 Saturday 16th at 2-8pm  


TBA, Singapore

Course Length: 

3 sessions


Effective practical psychology – the missing piece in the health and fitness industry 

The Fit Mind 360 Certification was created to help fitness industry professionals better understand how the human brain works. There are numerous educational courses on fitness, nutrition and movement but none cover the most important factor – mindset.  

Our goal is simple. We want to help you master the art of mind training so you can get life-changing results for yourself and the people who come to work with you.  

Just like you help your clients train their muscles and energy systems, you can also help them build their mental skills. 


When you help your clients build mental skills, you’re helping them become more powerful, confident, and better able to handle whatever life throws at them. 

You also help them get better at stress and emotions management.



Ex-Athlete, qualified Psychologist and passionate Life Coach addicted to colourful smoothies and dark chocolate. 

She transforms the way we think, work, exercise and live making the change happen. 

Mental wellness advocate, she takes psychology out of therapy room and proves how practical it is in managing life’s challenges. 

Beata listens well and people value her intuitive approach and progressive attitude. Always full of energy to educate, inspire and guide..


Co-active life coach passionate about co-createing with her clients the life they truly want and desire. 

She works with people going through some transitions and changes to help them set up a new life - clients appreciate her energy, passion, intuition and extraordinary way of thinking. 

Expect to explore new possibilities and perspectives, while working with her, and turn uncertainty and hesitation into clear confident strokes of vibrant colours.

Fit Mind 360 Certification is everything we’ve learnt – brought together for you.  

Unlike most other certifications, this isn’t a program full of abstract theory that doesn’t work in the real world.  

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by having to figure out how to apply it in your work with clients.  

Instead, it’s deep knowledge that’s client-tested, scientifically researched, and constantly updated.  

Fit Mind 360 experts have worked with:


We only take a small number of fitness professionals and teach them our proven practical psychology system. Spots are first-come, first-served, so don’t miss out on our next dates.  


2.700 SGD  

3-sessions, 6 hours per session Study at your own pace

All course materials included Get all your certification materials during the weekly sessions

Practical learning, working on examples from your own practice

All material can be immediately applied to you fitness business


We want you to grow personally so you can grow professionally.

Fit Mind 360 is waiting for you…

Our goal is simple, to help you master the art of mind training so you can get life-changing results for yourself and the people who come to work with you. 


The next Fit Mind 360 Certification starts in February 2020 

A deeper understanding of psychology and life coaching, mental skills training and the ability to turn what you know into results.  

Join the Certification program today.


Got More Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Who is the Fit Mind 360 for?

It’s for any health and fitness professional (or anyone who’s thinking of joining the field) who wants to feel confident in their ability to successfully coach and get better results for the people they work with.

We’ve worked with fitness professionals from every corner of this industry — from personal training and yoga to functional medicine, holistic wellness coaching, and beyond. Whether you are mid-career or just starting out, this certification will give you the tools to make a lasting change for anyone you work with.

How long does it take to get certified?

The course itself is 3 sessions and each session will take 6 hours. Then we offer additional support via a private Facebook group for fitness professionals and optional training webinars once you’re certified. 

Is this Certification for me?

If you are a committed, fitness professional who is focused on sustainable results for your clients and looking for skills which will set you apart from the crowd then YES.

If you got into the industry to make some quick cash and prefer to just train your clients on the treadmills, tell them to eat less fat and not actually coach them then NO. You don’t have the attitude we need to make this program work for you.

I have a busy life. Can I skip a week or two and still get certified?

The Fit Mind 360 Certification is designed to be completed within 3 sessions. Only after attending ALL three sessions and completing required exercises will you be certified.  


What are the exams like?

There is no real exam. We never intended to add to your stress levels, instead we want to ensure you know how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained in real life situations.

 This is why we ask you to conduct a case-study and submit it within two weeks of the course completion date. Following we will return your results and present you with the certificate. 

What grade do I need to pass?

In a usual essay style answer we will look for a minimum of six tools applied and tested with your client. Key is the correct application of the tools and qualification of the results, thus illustrating your understanding of the methodologies and concepts.  


What if I change my mind?

Life happens, we understand.

Join the Fit Mind 360 Certification Week 1 session and if you’re not satisfied with what you learn, we’ll refund your money minus administrative cost and the cost of the session you attended. Just drop us an email with ‘REFUND’ as the subject line and we’ll deposit 2.150 SGD back into your account.

That's how confident we are that our certification will be an absolute game changer for your business, your clients and yourself.

What qualification will I get?

On successful completion of the program you’ll become a Fit Mind 360 Certified Coach. This is an accreditation we encourage you to use across all your marketing as a stamp of quality.  


How many people will be taking part in the course?

There will be a maximum of 12 participants during the program so we can ensure quality and time for each student.


Is the deposit refundable?

Of course! The deposit is 100% REFUNDABLE within 72h from signing up. The deposit is paid during signing up, while the rest of the full amount will be paid via bank transfer within 2 weeks & before the event start date.

Final Note

The health and fitness fields are rapidly changing and with the rise of obesity related illness there is more pressure on fitness professionals than ever before.  

Whatever specific field you work in, it’s important to understand that the most successful professionals will be those who have deep understanding of psychology behind the process of change. It is with knowledge that you can truly action long term, sustained personal growth for your clients.

That’s what we do every day. And we’re ready to teach you the same science-based coaching method we’ve used with major health organizations, fitness professionals, Olympic athletes, sports teams, and our individual clients.  

Of course, if now isn’t your time, we understand. We hope this helped you understand who we are and what we do. We’ll be here if and when you need us.  

But if you know that the time for you is now, we have a strong recommendation for you:

Go for it. Give yourself the opportunity to truly help others. Make the commitment to get the education you need.